DIY Valentines To The Rescue!


Looking for a fun Valentine’s Day activity for the kiddos? Instead of opting for store bought valentines this year, try making edible sweets that get the whole family involved! These chocolates are fool proof and super kid friendly.

To get started, simply pick up a fun silicone candy mold, candy chocolate melts in festive colors and wax paper at your local craft store. I bought my supplies at Michaels and it was even on sale — BONUS! They also sell cute mini bags to package your chocolate treats.

All you need to do is put the candy melts in a bowl, microwave until melted, spoon the chocolate into the candy mold and pop them in the fridge. They surprisingly harden quickly, making it easy to reuse the same mold versus buying multiple. Once they’ve hardened, transfer them onto the wax paper and repeat.

Kids LOVE seeing the fun phrases on each heart and taste testing isn’t so bad either…Happy Valentine’s Day!

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