Living Room Makeover: 1 2 3


You don’t need to buy a million pieces of furniture to give your living room a makeover. The functional parts of a space can come together quickly and beautifully if you follow 3 simple rules:

1. Navy is the new neutral. Use a navy striped sectional to give your space plenty of seating with a pop of pattern. Navy is a universal color which makes it great for matching coordinating pieces. It pairs well with sisal and natural fiber rugs, which are super durable and affordable!

2. Let there be light. A drift wood chandelier softens the space and provides plenty of light for a social gathering. Add filament bulbs for a more casual look.

3. Accessorize. A tufted ottoman serves as a foot rest, coffee table and extra seating. Add a tray on top with fun coasters or decorate with your favorite coffee table book. Don’t forget to include some fun embroidered pillows and a cozy throw to make this room extra comfortable.


(From Left To Right) Patterned Sectional // Round Wood Chandelier // Embroidered Pillows // Tufted Ottoman // Throw Blanket

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