Wardrobe Wednesday: Navy Is The New Neutral


My normal cool weather color palette is pretty much made up of beige, black, cream, and white. Whether it’s chunky sweaters, turtlenecks or wool coats (typical New Englander) I feel like I’ve been in a style standstill. Not to mention a neutral tone doesn’t do much for my complexion that turns pale far before the leaves lose their color. It’s hard for me to steer away from neutrals because obviously they match EVERYTHING, but more importantly I get the biggest bang for my buck because they can easily be worn multiple times.

Although I’m not one to make a bold style statement, I was convinced I needed a wardrobe adjustment to add a little more color back into my life this fall. Neutrals have always been my first love, but navy has been a staple color in my closet for years. It’s not a traditional neutral, but matches almost every color, making it easy to pull the trigger on some splurge purchases. Lucky for me there are so many cute autumn navy pieces this season to swoon over. Check out my favorite navy fall picks:


1.Sailor Bow Sweater Dress // 2.Printed Quilted Puffer Vest // 3.Beadnell Wax Jacket // 4.Collared Fleurette Sweater // 5.Double Breasted Blazer 

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