Wardrobe Wednesday: Stretch From Fall To Winter


The temperature is decreasing, so my legging collection is increasing! Give me any pant with a little stretch to transition from fall to winter. Paired with sweaters, tunics or blouses (for the more structured stretch pant) they’re a figure flattering way to dress up or dress down this season. Not to mention they look great with flats and can also be tucked into boots comfortably – avoid that jean/sock bunching at the ankle that I know you all hate…

For those of us who are looking for a little assistance on the tummy flattening front, there are tons of high waist options to choose from. I’ve found that every season more and more textures are available whether it’s cotton, suede or faux leather to give the illusion of a real pant – half the price with double the comfort! Take a look at my favorite leggings below:


1. Jodhpur Stretch Skinny Pant// 2. Buffed Suede Leggings// 3.Printed Jersey Leggings// 4.High Waist Leggings// 5. Leggings In Plaid Ponte

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