Wardrobe Wednesday: Tweed Lover


My love for tweed runs deep. Anyone in New England knows that the struggle is real to find cold weather pieces that are warm AND pretty. Now imagine also trying to find an office-friendly outfit for the chilliest of days. Tweed is the perfect solution to both problems. It’s great for layering and is a nice alternative to a chunky sweater.

Style wise, I love black and gray shades because they’re the easiest to blend with different outfits. Tweed is a great holiday wardrobe option too! Nothing is more festive than that flawless blend of woven fabric (sigh). Whether it’s an accessory or statement piece, it’s simple to give your closet a little texture lesson. Check out a few of my favorite tweed pieces this season:


1.Speckled Tweed Jacket //  2.Poppy Ballet Flats // 3.Andreas Midnight Jacket // 4.Polished Tweed Top // 5.Textured Tweed Medium Shoulder Bag

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